Memorias del


Memorias del Silencio is the outcome of a collaboration between BorderSenses and El Paso Community College’s Community Education Program.

The objective of the project is to develop new academic opportunities for farm workers and to create venues that bring awareness to their condition as migrants in the United States.

Through the GED courses, that the CEP offers to farm workers and their families, we have offered creative writing workshops in various communities in the El Paso, Texas area.

Be part of Memorias del Silencio

Are you a HEP / CAMP student? Do you have a story, a poem, an essay, or drawing you want to share with the world?

Submit your work here before March 30, 2019, to be considered in the next issue of Memorias del Silencio.


Diccionario Memorias

¿Definimos las cosas para entender el mundo?¿O definimos el mundo para entender su cosas?

En el siguiente diccionario nuestros estudiantes dejan plasmada su visión del mundo.

No hay mejor manera de entender la perspectiva del otro más que mirando desde donde está parado



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